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Pneumatic actuator standards


1. Scope of regulation

This product is suitable for the part of the rotary motion type valve pneumatic actuator,

it is combined with ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve and all kinds of pneumatic valves, it used for pipeline automatic control and centralized control. The conditions of use are as follows:

1.1 Working pressure: 0.4~0.8Mpa

1.2Working environment and working medium (Gas) temperature:

1.2.1 Standard type: -20+80, Use NBR o-rings;

1.2.2 -40+80, Use silicone rubber O-rings;

1.2.3 High temperature type: -20+150, Use Fluorine rubber o-rings;

1.3 Air should be clean, dry air, not contain corrosive gas, solvent and other liquids;

1.4 The piston diameter work line speed: 1060mm/s;

1.5 With solenoid control pneumatic device, input vltage:DC12VDC24VDC36V, AC220V; With positioner pneumatic actuator the input signal should be in the range of 4-20mA.

2. Reference standard

GB    1.3                   Standardization work guide Product standards drafting rules

GB    196                  Regular screw threads Basic size

GB    197                  Regular screw threads Limits and fits

GB    1173                Casting aluminum alloy

JB    8 Product Nameplate

HG    4-329              Rubber products technical conditions

NAMUR                   Output shaft groove, screw hole, the top installed hole size

ISO5211DIN3337   The bottom installed hole size

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